Adopt a lonely SolBetta
1st and only Betta Fish NFTs

I’m a simple Betta: I’m looking for a teeny-tiny place. A bowl of my own where nobody is in my way.


Weeds are always greener on the neighbour's side? Who cares, as long as they stay the hell away from my garden.

Want some sugar? You’ll only get blood from me!

Phone contact is preferred for potential propositions...umpf, people.

Hodlers Benefits

Free Airdrop

We'll to release additional NFT fish collections to all our hodlers so everyone will breed and play with them. More NFT you collect, more free NFT you'll get.

Buy Back

Our team is focused on bringing a constant value growth to our NFTs. Every month we'll buy back some to increase the price floor and give back for free to our community.

Play to Earn

You'll get alpha access to our upcoming game where you can swim into SolAquaria World and earn tokens.

Governance Voting

Wanna help with our new collections and future developments? We are focused on community feedback, you'll help us build the best aquaverse in the crypto space!


Royaleties are shared with our community. Every month we'll select hodlers to share 15% + 15% of the royalties, deposited in $SOL.

Game Previews

We are secretely working on our upcoming game and we don't want to share much too soon. Hodlers will receive many previews in a private Discord channel of our upcoming AquaWorld.

Aquarium Builder

Don't forget the tank! The aquarium Builder will be a premium app with which you can build a fancy aquarium for your NFTs. Kind of museum for your fish NFTs 🙂

Private Club

We already have partnered with many NFT project and launchpads to give you exclusive perks. Stay tuned because this is going to be live really soon 😉

Free merch

Who doesn't love a t-shirt with an NFT on it? Well, we are planning to give dozens of t-shirts for free!


Becoming an hodler, you'll contribute to donate part of the royalties to different charities which will be announced via Discord.


Only early holders will access to our smart breeding system where you can breed different fishes and generate unique mutant NFTs.

Auto Priority list

We are planning to release additional NFT fish collections that will be more rare than others and for this reason, you as an hodler will get access automatically to mint them, before anyone else 😉

Royalties Sharing

  • 25% To promote SolAquaria and NFT collections.
  • 15% Randomly selected winners from hodlers.
  • 15% Picking the most engaged users of the month.
  • 15% NFT buy back to increase price floor.
  • 10% Helping to save the planet!
  • 10% Keeping our team focused and chartered.
  • 10% AquaWorld will be HUGE.
A win-win approach

Here in SolAquaria we believe in in continuity, consistency, and sustainability.
We have a registered company and we pay taxes as well.

Our goal is to create a long-term trusted project where our community investments are safe in the time. This required the right mix between community rewards and investments on our resources.

You and our community plays a key role to evolve our ecosystem and keep up with the constant changes of this industry.

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Frequency Asked Questions

Solaquaria is a community-first project aiming to involve all gamers and fish-thusiastic people in our upcoming game and fish collections.

Why don’t we make another world come alive?

It’s not a first-day-on-the- job deity speaking, but a group of deranged people on a Meet call.

Or from the simple epiphany in a summer’s afternoon. 

While we were slowly melting on the sofa, there it is, from the aquarium right in front of us, a lonely fish jumps out trying to escape. After the general panic, trying to re-catch it and throw it in the water, someone utters “Well, maybe the aquarium is a little on the tight side!”. 

This is how Solaquaria was born, from the desire to give a home to a big fish in a little tank!

Stand out, stop being just another (the umpteenth) fish in the sea! 

Join our community and get stuck in the NET-work!

We love NFTs, digital art, games and blockchain. We strongly believe that the Solana ecosystem will drive the entire market and steal a giant piece of the Ethereum network. We want to be part of its future success.

Then, of course, prices and fees. The expensiveness of Ethereum is an enormous roadblock for new NFT holders and gamers. Everyone who used the ETH network got stuck in some transaction because the fees were higher than the transaction itself. It sucks and we don’t want this for our community.

Our SolBettas will be released from the net very soon. Keep following us on Discord and Twitter, so you don’t lose your way 😉

The idea of this project was born from the period we lived. The BETTA is a solitary animal to which we have decided to entrust someone who can give it a value. Furthermore, we want to create a community that can support and support itself. We will always try ways to reward hodlers by exploring partnerships, giveaways, and special events.

Our nerdy artist Escalor creates every BETTA in the middle of the night, getting inspired by a cup of coffee and by the stars. Could he be a vampire? This remains a mystery, but to create the BETTAs he uses Photoshop, starting with a predefined layout and adding special details and features to make various combinations. Some BETTAs are the result of crazy ideas of the team that Escalor makes!

We will be releasing 5’555 SolBettas at a price of 1 SOL each. You can buy up to 3 SolBettas per wallet.

To know how to buy a SolBetta, please follow this guide.

Yes! Please click here to see our roadmap, and if you have any idea on how we can improve it, feel free to share your thoughts!

We have a passionate Marketing Team that has great plans to engage with more people on social media. Our little AliceinAquaria will try to fish even more by sponsoring our projects and building new partnerships with social media pirates. Get ready: P

The plan is to support a Charity but it will be announced after 30 days from our official launch. The community will decide which charity we should support, so don’t forget to join us there 😉

Well, time will tell you the truth.

Don’t expect from us MM marketing campaigns just to create hype because those are the projects you should really be wary of.  We believe in continuity, consistency, and sustainability. We are in the process of creating a new company and most of the money will be reinvested to hire new team members and give back to the community to keep up with the company’s growth.

SolAquaria NFT collections will be listed on all major Solana marketplaces and platforms. Please keep an eye on our Discord for the latest announcements.

Our team is a real den of gamers … we could not help but launch into a project that is completely our own.

Our SolBetta and future fish collections that we are already planning will be used to play our PvE / P2E game.

Join our Discord to find out more and access upcoming previews.

You can find all the updates on our Discord or on our Twitter.

No worries! Jump in our Discord and one of our admins will be more than happy to assist!


Partnership inquiries

If you'd like to collaborate with us, feel free to send us an email, otherwise reach out to us on Twitter, Instagram or Discord, we'd be much much faster there 😉

Stay connected:

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